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Chiropractic, spinal mobilization

We are putting the displaced vertebra back to its original position with special technique thus easing the muscle blocks. Effect: movement becomes easier, posture will be more straight spine problems and inflammation will decrease and the posture will be stress-free. The problems and pains related to bad posture and stress will also decrease.

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Spine physiotherapy

After 16 years of experience during which I have treated more than 8000 people. I realized that correct posture as well as mobilizing and strengthening the muscles are just as much important as the treatment itself. My most successful patients were those who were able to do special spine physiotherapy in their everyday life on […]

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Therapeutic massage

This treatment recommended for various joint problems lower back, spine, neck pain and chronic or acute disc herniation. This treatment includes massage, manual therapy and chiropractic.

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Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a clinical approach used to diagnose and treat soft tissues

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